"Where it all began"

Chyna Vonne is nothing that meets the eye. She is a rapper, singer, songwriter who is constantly defying stereotypes in and outside of her own lane.

At the age of 16, she began her journey to the music scene. What started out as a challenge, eventually blossomed into something far greater. From writing poetry, R&B songs and 16s, to eventually dropping her first mix-tape, she has notably evolved over time. Her first project, The “Unexpected” mix-tape hosted by DJ Exel (York, PA) landed her a spot in XXL magazine. After taking time off to give birth to her son, she is ready to return and is back with a vengeance!

Currently residing in Fayetteville, North Carolina, she is back making moves, and is reclaiming her place in the hip hop community. She has recently dropped her first official EP (8/6/17) “Return of a Queen-The Prequel”. Since May 2017, she has been traveling all across the U.S. doing shows and promoting the EP as well as her Single “Run Forrest”. She has already opened up for artist such as Jarren Benton and Cyhi The Prince and plans to appear on more stages across the globe. Over the next few months Chyna will be Dropping new singles, mixtapes and plans to drop a complete album in December. 2018 will be full of new sounds and visuals that challenge her as an artist.

Chyna Vonne is expected to do great things. So whether you’re a fan of hers or not her talent is undeniable; and this time, she’s here to stay!

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February 2020
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"What about Chyna V."

"Chyna Vonne’s sexy, tomboyish appeal draws onlookers to her anomalous brand. Her “home-girl” style coincides with her mildly raunchy, but meticulously artful, lyrics."Makin It Mag -Networking Newsletter (May 10, 2018)
"Chyna Vonne is the coldest we have ever seen"PGM House, The PGM House Creative Spotlight (Mar 28, 2018)
““The guns are figurative. The song is about jealousy,” Vonne explained.”Frederick Gubitosi, Shutter 16 Magazine- Introducing Chyna Vonne (Mar 05, 2018)
"Chyna Vonne is a prominent female rapper hailing out of Rhode Island, who just dropped a super fly new visual for her lyrical track “Run Forrest.” I really mess with this song because her flow is RIDICULOUS."Elevator Mag
"Check out one of the top North Carolina artist and the biggest Fayetteville rapper, Chyna Vonne."TheRealStreetz.com-CHYNA VONNE (FAYETTEVILLE, NC)
"This artist has a sick flow! I love the beat on this track and the lyrics are good. This track is simply nothing less than perfection. The artist did a great job on this track!"Crowd Review Reverbnation (Jan 16, 2017)
“...certified credentials through witty wordplay”I.G.O.D., Chyna Vonne – Run Forrest (Video) (Feb 21, 2017)
"Chyna’s bars are icy and self-assured with the powerhouse femcee deflecting the haters at every corner."Jonathan Wigfall, Chyna Vonne – “Run Forrest” (Official Video) | @chynavonne | (Feb 21, 2017)
"The looping melody in the background gives the song an original hip hop sound. The artist has a lyrical and impressive flow. The lyrics are very talented."Crowd Review Reverbnation (Jan 16, 2017)
"Great beat by the producer. The flow is so smooth and reminds me of Nicki Minaj. The vocalist sounds like her as well. I also like how she uses the title to reference a real life movie, as well as using the title as part of the chrous to create a catchy line."Crowd Review Reverbnation (Jan 16, 2017)
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